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Company Introduction

ISTA Oil & Gas Development Engineering Company (IODEC) has been established in Tehran since 2005, with the purpose of executing the Electrical, Mechanical and Chemical projects in the field of oil, gas and Petrochemicals. Over the years, the company has gained several significant certificates such as Contractor’s grade Certificate from the Iranian Plan and Budget Organization and other International quality management certificates. ISTA Co. has accomplished numerous contracts in the field of engineering, Procurement and construction projects related to Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical industries. This company has acquired the exclusive agency from the leading European and Asian manufacturers in order to response to the demands of upstream and downstream oil and gas industries to procure the special equipment which is not manufactured internally. The main objectives of ISTA’s board includes internal market development and utilizing up to date world-class technology toward accomplishing internal Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical projects and also localization of Advanced intelligent engineering and using special methodologies for optimal execution of related projects. The related projects are mostly categorized in the following sections: 1. Upstream services 2. Electrical Heat tracing system 3. Cathodic protection system 4. Piping materials