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Procurement and Construction

Electrical Heat Tracing

ISTA services in this section includes procurement of Electrical Heat Tracing cables and accessories through conducting order registrations from Heat Trace Ltd., installation, commitioning and supervisory services.

ISTA Co. has acquired the exclusive agency from Heat Trace Ltd. (UK) in IRAN; Therefore, the company's services in this section are excluded to the framework of Heat Trace Ltd. Productions. In addition, ISTA Co has achieved contractor’s grade certificate and other certificates such as Quality, Safety and Environment management certificates in Oil and Gas Industry.

ISTA Co. is responsible for, marketing, contracting, delivery (Installation and /or supervision services, if required), after-sales services and the official warranty of the mentioned products in IRAN.

For further information on the technical details, installation and commissioning of the Heat Trace Ltd. (UK) products, please click here.