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After Sales Service and Warranty

ISTA official warranty and after-sales services are exclusive to Heat Trace (UK) and Tope (Spain), which includes the following items:


  1. Consulting services, supervision and administration on installation and commitioning.
  2. Official Warranty Service
  3. Educational services
  4. Design and engineering services.
  5. The possibility of customer direct contracting with a foreign manufacturer and technical support in IRAN.
  6. Installation and commitioning.
  7. Warehouse Stoke Service for the essential items regarding to the warranty period and after-sales services.

All equipment and goods of the above manufacturers are fabricated and inspected in UK (Heat Trace) and Spain (Tope). All respectable customers have the possibility of direct contracting with the manufacturers without any intermediary. In this case ISTA Will provide additional services such as Engineering and tracking the procurement of goods, warranties and after sales services in IRAN.