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Completed projects

Row Name Source of Contract Client Location Finishing Date Contract Status
1 Pars Glycol MEG Plant (EHT) E.P Pars Glycol Petrochemical Co. Pars Glycol 2021 Completed
2 South Pars Field -SP14 (EHT) E.P MAPNA-IPMI Consortium/POGC South Pars Field -SP14 2021 Completed
3 Persian Gulf Star Oil Gas Condensates Refinery (EHT) E.P.C PGSOC Persian Gulf Star Oil Gas Condensates Refinery 2021 Completed
4 Naein Oil Storage Central (CP) E NIOPDC Naein Oil Storage 2020 Completed
5 Somesara 40" Gas Pipeline (CP) PC IGTC Dist.9 Somesara 2020 Completed
6 Tabriz Oil Refinery (EHT) E.P KPE/ Tabriz Oil Refinery Co. Tabriz Oil Refinery 2020 Completed
7 Mahabad PC (EHT) E.P Mahabad Petrochemical Co. Mahabad Petrochemical 2020 Completed
8 Miandoab Petrochemical (EHT) E.P Miandoab Petrochemical Co. Miandoab Petrochemical 2019 Completed
9 Malayer End Installations project (EHT) E.P NIOEC Malayer Gas Installation 2019 Completed
10 Parsian Gas Refinery (EHT) p Parsian Gas Refinery Co. Parsian Gas Refinery 2019 Completed
11 Lordegan Urea Fertilizer Co (EHT) P Lodegan Petrochemical Co. Lodegan Petrochemical 2019 Completed
12 Baft Steel Complex Co. (EHT) E.P PetroNir /Foolade Baft Baft Steel Complex 2019 Completed
13 South Pars Gas Field-DMC-Phase2,3 (EHT) E.P PSR & RIPI Consortium/SPGC South Pars Gas Field-Phase2,3 2019 Completed
14 Sechahoon Pelletizing Plant (EHT) E.P FST/Paya Foolad Kavir Yazd Sechahoon 2019 Completed
15 Mashhad- Imamtaghi 24" Pipeline (CP) PC NIGC-Gas Transmission-Dist4 Mashhad- Imamtaghi 24" Pipeline 2019 Completed
16 Lorestan PC (EHT) E.P Lorestan PC Co. Lorestan PC 2019 Completed
17 Utility & offsite plant1 - Bushehr Petrochemical (EHT) E.P Bushehr Petrochemical Co. Bushehr Petrochemical Co. 2019 Completed
18 Isfahan Refinery (EHT) E.P Azarab Co. Isfahan Refinery 2019 Completed
19 South Pars Gas Field Offshore Jacket platform SPD17 & SPD18 (EHT) E.P POGC South Pars Gas Field Offshore Jacket platform SPD17 & SPD18 2018 Completed
20 Bushehr Petrochemical - C2 Recovery Plant E.P Bushehr Petrochemical Company Bushehr Petrochemical Co. 2018 Completed
21 Persian Golf Bidboland Gas Treating P1-P2-P3 (EHT) E.P Sazeh-Jahanpars Consortium/PG Bodboland BidBoland Gas Treating 2018 Completed
22 Zarnam Factory P Zar Industrial Group Zarnam Factory 2018 Completed
23 South Pars Gas Field Offshore Jacket platform SPD13 (EHT) E.P POGC South Pars Gas Field Offshore Jacket platform SPD13 2018 Completed
24 South Pars Gas Field Base Heating LPG Tanks SP19 (EHT) E.P Panahsaz/POGC South Pars Gas Field Base Heating LPG Tanks SP19 2018 Completed
25 South Pars Gas Field Base Heating LPG Tanks SP20-21 (EHT) E.P Panahsaz/POGC South Pars Gas Field Base Heating LPG Tanks SP20-21 2018 Completed
26 Electrical Heat Tracing for ILAM Petrochemical Sulfur Removal Unit (EHT) E.P EIED - Ilam Petrochemical Ilam Petrochemical 2018 Completed
27 South Pars Gas Field - Drum 147-D-105 - SP15-16/PKSK (EHT) E.P POGC South Pars Gas Field -SP15-16 2018 Completed
28 Isfahan Power Plant (EHT) EP Isfahan Power Plant Isfahan Power Plant 2018 Completed
29 Seven Stations on 24" & 56" Gas Pipelines (CP) PC NIGC-Gas Transmission-Dist6 Iranshahr 2018 Completed
30 South Pars Gas Field Offshore Jacket platform SPD22 & SPD24 (EHT) E.P POGC South Pars Gas Field Offshore Jacket platform SPD22 & SPD24 2018 Completed
31 Azadegan Field Rigs - Heavy Weight Drill Pipes E.P NIDC Ahvaz 2017 Completed
32 Marjan Petrochemical- Methanol (EHT) E.P Marjan Petrochemical Company Namvaran Consulting Engineers Co. Marjan Petrochemical 2016 Completed
33 Tabriz Petochemical (EHT) P.C Tabriz Petochemical Co. Tabriz Petrochemical 2016 Completed
34 Boushehr Petrochemical- Metanol Plant E.P Boushehr Petrochemical Co. Bushehr Petrochemical - Methanol Plant 2016 Completed
35 Bidboland - Gooyem Gas Pipe line (CP) PC NIGC- Gas Transmission-Dist5 KM 138 of Bidboland-Gooyem Pipeline 2016 Completed
36 Andimeshk Oil Storage (CP) EPC NIOPDC- Ahvaz Zone Andimeshk Oil Storage 2015 Completed
37 RASHT-TALESH-LOSHAN Gas Pipe line Station (CP) PC IGTC Dist.9 RASHT-TALESH-LOSHAN 2015 Completed
38 Bandar Abbas Oil Refinery- Tanks Zone (CP) PC Bandar Abbas Oil Refinery Bandar Abbas Oil Refinery 2015 Completed
39 Serajeh Gas Refinery (EHT) E.P.C NIGC- Gas Transmission-Dist3 Serajeh Gas Refinery 2015 Completed
40 Mahshahr Export Oil Port (EHT) EPC MSA- NIOEC Mahshahr Export Oil Port 2015 Completed
41 Arak Petrochemical Complex- LL (EHT) E.P.C Pars Vacuum Co. /Arak PC Arak PC 2013 Completed
42 Fajre Jam Refinery (Chemical P Fajre jam Refinery Fajre Jam Refinery 2013 Completed
43 Khoramabad-Kouhdasht -Gas Pipeline 16" (CP) P.C NIGC- Gas Transmission-Dist7 Khoramabad 2013 Completed
44 Bahonar Oil Storage (CP) E.P.C NIOPDC Bahonar Oil Storage 2013 Completed
45 Morvarid Petrochemical Complex- Assaluyeh (CP) E.P.C Morvarid Petrochemical Co. Morvarid Petrochemical 2011 Completed
46 Persian Gulf special zone Jetty (CP) P.C Karan Darya Co. / Persian Gulf special zone Persian Gulf special zone 2011 Completed
47 Kimiagaran Complex (EHT) E.P.C Kimiagaran Chemical Industry Co. Kimiagaran Chemical Industry 2011 Completed
48 Shazand Petrochemical Complex- LLDPE (Electrical) C Shazand Petrochemical Co. Shazand Petrochemical 2011 Completed
49 Tabriz and ldehlo Oil Transmission Station (EHT) E.P.C IOPTC Tabriz and ldehlo 2011 Completed
50 Bandar Abbas Oil Refinery- Sea Water & Fire Water Lines (CP) P.C Bandar Abbas Oil Refinery Co. Bandar Abbas Oil Refinery 2010 Completed
51 Kharg Petrochemical Complex - Propane daily tanks (EHT) E.P.C Kharg Petrochemical Co. Kharg Petrochemical 2010 Completed
52 Neizar Telecommunication Station- Qom (Electrical) P.C NIGC- Transmission-Dist3 Qom 2010 Completed
53 Arvand Petrochemical Complex (EHT) E.P Arvand Petrochemical Co. Arvand Petrochemical 2010 Completed
54 Gas Pump Station, Arak (Electrical) P.C NIGC- Gas Transmission-Dist7 Arak 2009 Completed
55 Farasakou Assaluyeh sea oil line (EHT) C Farasakou Assaluyeh Co. Assaluyeh 2009 Completed
56 Eshtahard Oil Transmission Station (EHT) E.P.C IOPTC Eshtahard 2009 Completed
57 Kavian Petrochemical Complex (CP) C SDP/ Kavian Petrochemical Co. Kavian Petrochemical 2009 Completed
58 Roudbal Dam (CP) E.P.C Nimrokh Co. Roudbal 2009 Completed
59 Ray Oil Storage Blvd.(Electrical) P.C NIGC- Gas Transmission-Dist3 Ray Oil Storage 2009 Completed
60 Gas Pump Station, Region, QOM (Electrical) P.C NIGC- Gas Transmission-Dist3 QOM 2009 Completed
61 Gas Pump Station, Region 3, QOM (EHT) E.P.C NIGC- Gas Transmission-Dist3 QOM 2008 Completed
62 Oil Products Storing ,Rajaee Port- Bandar Abbas (EHT) C Elementiran/Bana Gostar Karaneh Bandar Abbas 2008 Completed
63 Arak Petrochemical- unit P.P (EHT) E.P.C Arak Petrochemical Co. Arak Petrochemical 2008 Completed
64 Oil Transmission 4 Stations -From Ray to Tabriz. (CP & EHT) P.C NIOEC Abhar-Idehloo-Eshtehard-Gha 2007 Completed
65 Ahvaz-Oil Storage Unit 2 & 4 P.C P.C Ahvaz 2006 Completed
66 KANGAN C2 RECOVERY (EHT) E.P Kangan Petrochemical Co. Kangan Petrochemical Co. Completed